Health is about enjoyment

Welcome! I feel privileged to introduce you to Kayleigh Health, a transformational approach to the care and feeding of your body and mind. As a Wellness Coach, I guide individuals towards building optimal physical and emotional wellbeing by making step-by-step changes to their food, thoughts, and behaviors at a pace that is comfortable and sustainable.

My coaching and research at the University of Pennsylvania rest at the intersection of the mind’s influence on the body and the body’s influence on the mind, and how their interaction can be leveraged for wellbeing. I draw on scientifically proven methods from positive psychology, nutritional science, neuropsychology, and integrative medicine to address the entirety of the human person—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Most people are aware that diet, exercise, and mental resilience skills are important, but they view them as things they “have to do.” Through my approach, your self-care motivation emerges from a deeper, more joyful place.

We start where you are ready, honoring the practical demands of your life as well as your personal preferences. The human person is an integrated system, so as you start to integrate changes in one area of your life, you will naturally start to move forward in others, creating an upward spiral. Over time, we address the totality of lifestyle factors and mental habits you need for enduring wellbeing, balance, happiness, and ease.

Take your time exploring my website, get a feel for my approach to health and how I can support you in reaching your goals!



“Health is about nourishing yourself with real foods that boost your metabolism; about developing the mental  skills of resilience and happiness; about finding a form of movement that frees you from the worries of everyday life; and about engaging your senses so you can appreciate the life you have right now.”

-Kayleigh Pleas, MAPP

Nutrition & Wellness Coach